Monday's Medley: Parisi v Sinclair; US Secret Service & DC Metro PD FOIA Requests…..

Yet another Monday’s Medley of things going on and taking place.

Parisi v Sinclair

Honorable Judge Richard J. Leon

Last week, Books-A-Million & Barnes & Noble filed a Joint Motion for Rule 54(b) Certification in Parisi v Sinclair. The Booksellers are asking Judge Leon to certify his March 31, 2011 ruling where he granted their Motions to Dismiss and for Summary Judgment. Court Dismisses Parisi Suit Against Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million &  The Booksellers want Judge Leon to allow the time to begin on Parisi to appeal the findings of Judge Leon.

After reviewing the Joint Motion and the wording of the Proposed Order filed with their Joint Motion we have found one slight problem with it. Of course out of respect to the Booksellers we will postponed disclosing what we found to be problematic with their Joint Motion until they have been given the opportunity to respond to our notifications.

People have been asking if there has been any decisions and/or where the case stands. Judge Leon issued his findings on March 31, 2011 as to the Motions to Dismiss and for Summary Judgment filed by the three booksellers as this case relates to Parisi v Amazon, Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble. He has not ruled on Larry’s Motion to Dismiss or for Summary Judgment as they relate to the claims of Dan Parisi or Barnes & Nobles cross claims against Larry & SPI, nor Rense Motion to Dismiss. We have no idea when Judge Leon will rule but we continue to be confident that we will prevail in this completely baseless suit.

United States Secret Service

On March 29, 2011 Larry filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with the United States Secret Service. Today he received a notice from the Secret Service dated May 20, 2011 responding to his FOIA request. The US Secret Service requires a notarized statement or a written statement under penalty of perjury when a FOIA request is made by the individual the information is about. Larry has prepared the identification document and it will be mailed tomorrow to the Freedom of Information Act & Privacy Acts Branch of the United States Department of Homeland Security.

We hope that the requested records and information from the United States Secret Service will be received within the next 30 days.

Washington DC Metro Police Department FOIA

Today we received the requested information from our FOIA request to the Metro Police Department of Washington, DC.

Mr. Sinclair, 

Please find attached a response to your FOIA request.  Since we have received your pre-payment, your PD-163, Arrest/ Prosecution Report, is also attached.

Please contact me with questions or concerns.

As we suspected and have stated all along, there was NEVER any “Fugitive for Justice” warrant issued by the State of Delaware. Despite the reporting of this by Huffington Post, Politico, and others, no such warrant ever existed. It appears that Washington, DC Metro Police & US Marshalls arrested Larry based on a Delaware warrant for “Theft greater than $1000” and then listed the charge as being “Fugitive from Justice” on the police report. The records show that four (3) US Marshall Capitol Area Task Force were involved in the June 18, 2008 arrest at the National Press Club. It is interesting that it was US Marshalls from the Capitol Area would be involved in the arrest and deliberately listed the charge as “Fugitive from Justice” only two days after the office of then Senator Joe Biden advised Social Security that Larry was a “parole/probation fugitive” from Delaware to have his Social Security discontinued.

The records and reports will be included in Larry’s upcoming book When One Man Stands set to release in 2012 in time for election 2012. 

Indiana Mitch Daniels Not Running in 2012

Last week we published an article directed at 2012 GOP Hopefuls on Diane Sawyer & ABC News hit pieces on Gingrich and other GOP 2012 hopefuls extramarital affairs over the years. We pointed out that Sawyer along with other MSM networks have ignored the fact that Barack Obama has himself engaged in extramarital affairs over the years and with other men no less. Today Indiana’s Mitch Daniels (thought to be the GOPs best chance at the White House in 2012) announced that he will NOT run for the GOP nomination in 2012. Daniels made it clear his decision was based on not wanting his past marital issues to become a public spectacle. Sad that Mitch Daniels was not willing to stand up and force the MSM to ask the same questions of one Barack Obama.

And that folks is our Monday’s Medley this week. 



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