Why I'm Determined To Defend Against Parisi Claims

It has now been more than six months since Dan Parisi of whitehouse.com fame brought a civil suit claiming portions of my book, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?are “defamatory.”  Parisi by and through Richard Oparil of Patton Boggs, LLP in Washington, D.C. has since May 28, 2010 filed repeated false statements and perjured declarations in the US District Court for the District of Columbia accusing me of “defamation” among other things against Daniel (Dan) Parisi, Whitehouse.com, Whitehouse Networks, and Whitehouse Communications.  During this time many people have asked me “why does it matter what Parisi says, he can’t get blood out of a turnip,” and “Who cares about Parisi suing, your book is out there and people will know the truth.”  Let me answer those questions here and now.

First, I am not defending against Parisi’s claims over any concern about having to pay him any monetary damages.  Defending against these claims are and have always been about the TRUTH.  Mr. Oparil, counsel for Dan Parisi has made multiple out right false claims in his complaint. Oparil alleges that statements about Parisi removing posts from his web site Whitehouse.com; removing comments and requiring people to register to comment on Whitehouse.com are “lies.”  These claims by Mr. Oparil are clearly demonstrated to be untrue by screen shots of Whitehouse.com announcing they had suspended all comments until their new registration system was put into place.

Below is the original email with the conditions upon which Parisi and Whitehouse.com would have to agree to for me to undergo the polygraph.  Parisi agreed to them only to immediately fail to abide by them.

From: Lawrence Sinclair [mailto:lws022737@hotmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2008 11:05 AM
To: Dan Parisi
Subject: Polygraph Offer

I stated on your web site that I would agree to your offer with conditions. You can accept them or not it is your choice.

1. You must publicly acknowledge any relationship you have or had with David Axelrod or Barack Obama, if any, including friendships.

2. I pick the polygraph examiner and it must be shown they have no connections with any candidate of either party.

3. Airfare and transportation to and from the airport to hotel and your office is paid by Whitehouse.com in advance as are hotel arrangements and whitehouse.com pays for security to insure my safety due to the threats being level against me even from your web sites.

4. Payment of the Ten Thousand dollars ($10,000.00) must be made at the time of arrival at your offices not upon completion of the exam because their are no assurance that you will pay at the end of exam.

5. I am allowed to have an independent report with me at and during the polygraph exam through its entirety as witness.

6. My arrival date and time is not to be made public at any time and if it is, you will agree to pay the Ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) in default for placing my life in danger.

If you agree then I will notify you of the flight information for you to take care of the payment of such.

Below is the email response from Dan Parisi dated February 16, 2008. All of this will be included in my upcoming Motion To Dismiss.

From: Dan Parisi (DParisi@house.com)
Sent: Sat 2/16/08 11:10 AM
To: Lawrence Sinclair

We will post the following sentence on the website including a copy of our offer to you with all the address and email information blocked out. “We are not affiliated in any way with any of the candidates or any of the parties. I have never met or communicated with David Axelrod or Barack Obama. Obviously since I never have met either of them I do not have friendship with either of them”.

We are trying to get Jack Trimarco which is who was your first choice anyway. If we cannot get him we will agree to get another world renowned expert which is mutually agreeable to both us.

Airfare and Transportation will be paid for but we will make the arrangements and pay for the services directly with the Airlines, Ground Transportation and Hotels. We can provide security during the test and when we pick you up in a Limo. All other times are not feasible. We might just do the test at your apartment as long as we are the only ones recording or videotaping the event that way there are no travel of security issues.

We will pay you the $10,000 when you arrive at the office or where you are to take the test at the scheduled time as you want but if you do not complete the test we would want the money back. As you know off reading the information on Mr. Trimarco’s site, a good polygraph test and prep takes about 4-5 hours.

You can bring an independent reporter/witness at their expense .We will be the only ones to record or videotape the event.

We will not make your time and date for your test public anytime before or during the test or we will pay you the $10,000. We cannot be responsible if someone else not on the Whitehouse.com staff including somebody on your side leaks or posts the information. It is not in our interest to leak any of the information prior or during the event.

Dan Parisi

Mr. Parisi and Whitehouse.com did repeatedly publish knowingly false stories about the agreement between myself and Parisi including this one (left) on February 18, 2008 where Parisi published on Whitehouse.com a false story announcing a date and place of the polygraph exam along with Parisi’s repeated promise of posting the results, video and pictures on Whitehouse.com which Parisi never did.

Second, Parisi by and through Richard J. Oparil claimed Parisi and Whitehouse.com did publish all polygraph reports.  Well emails from Parisi clearly demonstrate this to be false.  First on February 22, 2008 Parisi, Parisi employee Robert Braddock and Edward Ira Gelb all stated at the conclusion of a polygraph “we want know the results until Monday at the earliest after the data is reviewed by Mr. Barland in Salt Lake City.”  Then on February 23, 2008 Parisi and Braddock left repeated voice messages while I was on a flight home to Duluth, MN from Los Angeles demanding I provide Parisi emails between myself and Attorney Gloria Allred, threatening to post I had failed the polygraph if I refused. Over the course of February 23 and 24, 2008 Parisi posted repeated claims on Whitehouse.com that they “…had received the results of the polygraph and would post the results at multiple times (constantly changing the times.) One such post on Whitehouse.com  dated February 24, 2008 at 11:45 AM claimed Parisi had received the results from “the second polygraph examiner…” even though the “second examiner (despite the fact that I had only been examined by Gelb and NO ONE else)” Gordon Barland of Salt Lake City had not even received the data at the time Parisi claimed to have the second report. The photographs Parisi and Whitehouse.com claimed to be taken during the polygraph exam were in fact staged photos.

Emails dated February 26, 2008 from Dan Parisi clearly demonstrate Parisi and Whitehouse.com  never published Barland’s report and demonstrate Parisi repeated statements that “we will not publish the report.”

Lawrence Sinclair (lws)
Sent: Tue 2/26/08 3:01 PM
To: Dan Parisi (dparisi@house.com)

I believe your refusal to post it will only allow others to believe you are in bed with Axelrod, you have already posted the photos, the drug test and Gelbs report so you not posting this one isn’t going to stop you from legally owing me the funds you are now refusing to pay or from criminal charges for check fraud.

Larry Sinclair
Subject: RE: No Polygraph
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 15:55:17 -0500
From: DParisi@house.com
To: lws

We will not post the report. You will have it in about 30 minutes. Thanks

Dan Parisi
Whitehouse.com Inc.

So you see Parisi claiming these statements are “false” and “defamatory” against Parisi are just not true.  My determination to defend against Parisi’s claims are about defending the truth and has nothing whatsoever to do with worrying about paying Parisi money.

The complaint fails to make mention of the conditions which Mr. Parisi agreed to comply with in order for me to agree to have the polygraph performed.  The complaint fails to mention that Dan Parisi repeatedly promised readers that the video of the polygraph would be posted in its entirety on Whitehouse.com but then refused to publish the video.  The complaint fails to mention that Parisi and Whitehouse.com repeatedly published false stories about the polygraph agreement, including one where Parisi claimed “Sinclair has asked to change the agreement…” when it was Parisi who in an email to me suggested “why don’t we pay you a flat fee of $20,000.00 regardless of the results and you donate $2,000.00 to charity…” Below are the emails which demonstrate Dan Parisi proposed the change in payment terms after I notified him of questions raised on Whitehouse.com about whether Parisi’s offer constituted a criminal act.

From: Lawrence Sinclair [mailto:
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 9:03 PM
To: Dan Parisi
Subject: Dear murray
dear murray is posting on WH under the user name hahahaha stating you are “you are bribbing me to pass polygraph” and he is consulting his attorney whether your actions constitute a federal crime.
Subject: RE: Dear murray
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 09:42:04 -0500
From: DParisi@house.com
To: lws
If you want we can do this. We give you 20k either way instead of
the way we have it and maybe you give $2,000 or 10% to charity.
If you do that way then you get rid of all these bribe accusations.
You will also look very good to the media and public as well.
Dan Parisi

If you read the Parisi complaint you will note his whining about the fact that I did not give him any information about Donald Young.  The truth is I had not even determined yet who the individual communicating with me was and when I did, I notified Chicago Police and my Attorney at the time.

These are just a few of the claims by Parisi by and through Richard Oparil that Parisi’s own posts and statements contradict. 

I am determined to defend against Parisi’s claims because they are not the truth.  The statements in the book regarding the tip about a Parisi/Axelrod set-up was detailed and part of the information received in that tip did occur as stated. I had more than reasonable cause to believe the information to be truthful. 

I am determined to defend against Parisi’s claims because they are in fact deliberate lies. Neither I nor my book have ever made any statement claiming Dan Parisi had any involvement in the death of Donald Young. Dan Parisi and Whitehouse.com’s claim of being a “legitimate news site” fails considering the numerouse false stories published by them. 

WhiteHouse Networks and Whitehouse Communications both lack standing as neither I nor my book has ever made any statement about either of them.

This people is why I am determined to defend against the false and baseless claims of Daniel Parisi and Whitehouse.com. This and the fact that the First Amendment protects me and my book.  The statements contained in the book are truthful, the information reported from an anonymous source proved to be factual in part and made it reasonable to believe the other parts to be factual. I defend against Parisi’s baseless claims because I refuse to allow Daniel Parisi or the partner of Patton Boggs LLP Richard J. Oparil to misrepresent me; my past; or the truth about Parisi’s own acts by bringing an expensive legal action hoping to scare people into accepting their lies as truth. Dan Parisi in his own published words stated “…the results are vital interest to voters prior to the Texas and Ohio primaries…”  It is also of vital public interest that the actions of Dan Parisi and Whitehouse.com in an effort to influence the out come of a political election be exposed.

The Truth is more important.  I will continue to defend against the claims made by Daniel Parisi; I will continue to seek out competent counsel to represent SPI; and, I will continue to move forward in obtaining whatever records necessary to defend against Parisi’s claims, including but not limited to records from David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs, Bill Burton, Barack Obama, David Plouffe, Michelle Obama, Obama for America, Daniel Parisi, Robert Braddock etc….

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  1. December 14, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    I believe this email will demonstrate Mr. Oparil's misrepresenting who chose Edward Gelb.

    RE: Trimarco‏
    From: Dan Parisi (DParisi@house.com)
    Sent: Mon 2/18/08 3:44 PM
    To: Lawrence Sinclair

    We have Dr. Ed Gelb. He is a world renowned Polygraph expert. He can do it either on Friday or Saturday at his Offices in Los Angeles. We can make travel and hotel arrangements for you as soon as you give us which day is better. He has done testing in other high profile cases before and he was the Polygraph expert hired to verify the DC Madam’s allegations. His website is http://polygraphexpert.com/.


    Dan Parisi

    and this one…

    RE: Trimarco‏
    From: Dan Parisi (DParisi@house.com)
    Sent: Mon 2/18/08 3:58 PM
    To: Lawrence Sinclair
    Cc: Rob Braddock (RBraddock@house.com)

    I will have my assistant Editor Rob Braddock call you in 30 minutes and set everything up. He is from Los Angeles and he is knowledgeable on the hotels and the area.


    Dan Parisi

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